5 actionable strategies for social media branding

5 actionable strategies for social media branding

While social media has technically been around for about 40 years, it wasn’t until after Facebook launched a little over a decade ago that companies began paying attention to it as a powerful tool for marketing. It used to be that branding would be focused on print media, broadcast ads and newsletters (email and flyers). The addition of social media meant that companies now had another way to connect with their consumers.

Brand consistency across all marketing touchpoints is a challenge for every company, let alone each social network. How do you make sure that you’re writing in a similar tone in your email marketing, one that matches your brand’s vibe in TV ads? How do you differentiate between how you speak to those two audiences, if at all? How do you ensure that customers can recognize your brand even if it’s their first time seeing you on social media?

A brand is more than a logo or set of colors, and its so much more than a cover photo. A brand is how you make your customers feel, and it’s built by taking a consistent approach across every interaction they have with your brand. We’ve written this guide to help you uncover strategies to ensure a consistent brand across multiple social media networks.

1. Cover your basics

We won’t move into the minute details of a basic disapproval, however what you are doing need to create positivity is that you simply have a consistent brand, color palette, bio, boilerplate and handle. Some firms wish to amend brand styling slightly between networks, reckoning on however little the assigned photograph area is and therefore the interests of these specific audiences. Whichever you select, the foremost necessary issue is to make sure your profiles have a typical thread that individuals can acknowledge as your complete.


In the above example, Burt’s Bees uses a similar brand for each Facebook and Twitter. Their banners also are similar. It isn’t continually necessary for the 2 banners to be similar on each network, however this approach succeeds as a result of even the colours within the banners replicate those within the brand. you may implement this with completely different banner styles by holding a recognizable complete color palette, although the text or the imagination within the style changes from one network to a different. Since Facebook permits you to form Video cowl Photos, you may conjointly explore enlivening your commonplace complete banner—think video views!

Once you’ve got the fundamentals of disapproving your social profiles down, then you’re able to locomote to additional intermediate methods. Even your basic disapproval strategy ought to be audited and updated quarterly. These next four methods don’t seem to be one-and-done deals. Your audience craves new content, and your complete ought to evolve aboard that, particularly on social media. There conjointly could also be times wherever you’ll use your disapproval basics to your advantage. Celebrating a hashtag vacation or the launch of a campaign may well be an excellent time for this! disapproving your social media presence takes time and like your posting schedule, you would like consistency, forward thinking and focus to implement.

Action steps

  • Perform a social media audit across all  your accounts
  • Ensure logos, banners, bios, posting cadences and handle area units in line with your complete tips, and audit often.
  • Make sure you’re posting on an identical schedule systematically which your content aligns with the planning and feel of the disapproval you’ve established.

2. Extend your visual branding

So currently that you simply have an identical visual complete across network accounts, it’s time to reinforce that even additional. What will that mean? It suggests that you have got similar colours and fonts mirrored in your pictures, graphics and videos. Once somebody visits your Instagram page, is that the filter or pop of color in real time apparent to them? Once a video is printed, is the area unit the overlay text fonts the same as those who you utilize for your diary post’s featured image?

Over time, your customers can see the consistency in posts and start to acknowledge once a post is from you while not seeing your brand’s brand or social media handle. This kind of brand name recognition is the final goal for your social media disapproval efforts.

Anthropologie is understood for his or her pastel and earthy colours. The overall complete feeling is light-weight and ethereal, that carries into their consumer goods. And although they’ll deviate from that reckoning on the season, the consistency carries into their Instagram Stories. one story features a clear starting and finish in terms of color and style. The story set within the higher than example uses a selected font vogue and style approach throughout the story. Stories like this facilitate complete identity with these recognizable components, and because the brand’s followers see these kinds of Stories over time, they’ll be able to acknowledge the brand’s distinctive approach to visuals even on faith in the brand or brand at the highest.

Action steps

  • Write out your visual complete guide to incorporate fonts, their uses and colours. For instance, at Sprout, we have a tendency to outline complete components like typography and color and describe their uses on a visible vogue guide.
  • Create graphic templates for a similar variety of announcement (e.g. new product announcement features a similar font, color and design)
  • Create photos and videos that keep your brand’s aesthetic and color selections in mind. The posts ought to flow seamlessly into one another.

3. Develop your marketing personas

Your selling personas are getting to vary between the networks. TikTok listeners are less than Facebook listeners. This can be the truth and if you utilize similar content across each network, it’s doable that it won’t resonate in a similar manner. to the current finish, it’s best to make multiple personas for your own selling efforts.

Start with the company’s client base so map them to the various social media networks you utilize. For instance, your Twitter account might target period oldsters whereas your Instagram account targets tiny business homeowners. Having these established personas per network helps you chop down your content concepts and perhaps even regulate your voice.

Chipotle uses memes on their Instagram account to attach to its specific form of client. They’re tongue-in-cheek memes that sometimes bring fun to those conversant in them. With every culture denote, you return to expect another culture that establishes a definite complete awareness of jalapeno on Instagram.

Action steps

  • Create multiple selling personas and assign the social media networks that match
  • Examine your networks’ completely different demographics or created listening queries if you would like to induce to grasp your audience
  • Create content to match the personas

4. Establish your brand voice & tone

After visuals, captions and connected copy are successive vital pieces of stigmatization of your social media posts. Company social media accounts tend to possess some temperament. For some, it’s biting or snarky and for others, it’s informative. you would possibly have already got a complete voice established for your different selling focuses. Extending that to social media, and cultivating a selected approach by social platform, is extremely suggested.

A voice and tone guide ought to embrace details like complete persona, company catchphrases, temperament traits and vocabulary. the tiniest details, like whether or not you utilize the term “clients” or “customers” can assist you keep your writing consistent. If you have got multiple folks managing your accounts, having a guide to reference keeps your team aligned therefore it doesn’t appear to be your company is writing from disparate views.


Mailchimp’s vogue guide covers many areas together with social media and newsletters. It’s simple to navigate and is direct in its approach and examples. whereas your own guide could solely be for internal use, having it accessible to everybody within the company permits folks to ask it once writing something from selling copy to sales emails. Most are on a similar page which cuts down on repetitive work.

Action steps

  • Completely develop and write your voice and tone guide. Better yet, use social media taking note of validate a number of your style selections.
  • Audit your own social media posts to ascertain wherever you’ll be able to improve in voice and tone
  • Share the guide and educate groups that pen. make sure that your social team, together with client support, is writing new posts with this voice and tone guide.

5. Create multiple accounts for different areas of focus

If your company is massive enough or contains a numerous set of merchandise and/or services, it’s generally best to possess multiple accounts. the benefits of getting these completely different accounts embrace having the ability to hyper-focus your stigmatization, cater to a selected audience and provide relevant content.

Here are some different ways you can contact::

  • An account per location: this can be preferred on Facebook as a result of it offers a location feature for Pages (Carmax has locations created on Facebook).
  • Separate selling and client service Twitter accounts for people who receive a high variety of inquiries.
  • Accounts by audience like Nike for each sport they work with
  • A being account like some widespread sports groups have
  • Department-specific accounts for educational activity

GEICO maintains many accounts that address completely different areas of the company’s endeavors. With their main account, they highlight company responsibility and general announcements. With the lizard account, the voice is from the being and photos continually embrace it. The GEICO sport account is solely targeted on their sponsored NASCAR team and race updates.

Action steps

  • Take a glance at your offerings and see wherever it might be best to divide up focus
  • For each account, repeat your stigmatization steps to make sure consistency across all of them. For instance, one location might want to be a bit more biting than another to suit its client profile.
  • Use a service like Sprout to take care of multiple accounts underneath one possession

Measuring the impact of your branding efforts

While social media has technically been around for about 40 years, it wasn’t till when Facebook launched a bit over a decade ago that corporations began being attentive to it as a strong tool for promoting. It accustomed be that disapproval would be centered on medium, broadcast ads and newsletters (email and flyers). The addition of social media meant that corporations currently had otherwise to attach with their customers.

Brand consistency across all promoting bit points could be a challenge for each company, plus every social network. However, does one check that you’re writing in a very similar tone in your email promoting, one that matches your brand’s ambience in TV ads? however does one differentiate between however you speak to those two audiences, if at all? however does one make sure that customers will acknowledge your complete albeit it’s their initial time seeing you on social media?

A complete is over a brand or set of colours, and its most over a canopy picture. A complete is however you create your customers’ feel, and it’s engineered by taking an even approach across each interaction they need together with your complete. We’ve written this guide to assist you uncover ways to make sure and even complete across multiple social media networks.