Keep evolving in size and dimension and provide complete solutions to your communication needs in ever changing landscape.


To create a work culture that inspires us to be curious, stay hungry and motivated, so that we can create extraordinary ideas that people would love to spend time with.


After becoming Idea King with only 5 employees and pitching to brands for digital solutions. We are providing the ideas and solutions for web development, innovative designing, digital marketing & branding, startup business solutions and legal support to corporate and individual clients.

Why Idea King?

We Get You

Starting as entrepreneurs ourselves, IDEA KING listens to your needs carefully. We are flexible, accommodating, and understanding of the small business desires and the big picture dreams. Using online strategy, startup growth hacking and Lead Generation, we have the kind of expertise that keeps your brand integrity intact while building you the customer base that you want.

We Build You Up

As an experienced innovator in the field of digital solutions, we are the first to invest in new tools that later become staples of the industry. We have insight from the past and foresight about the future that will constantly evolve your business to new heights.

We Care About You

With Acquisition and Retention Marketing tactics, we want to invest your time and money into customers that come back. Making sure nothing falls through the cracks, we carefully watch over every step of our strategy from click to conversion.

Trusted & Secure

As a company filled with young and connected people, we know how to keep your company relevant in the day to day. Have someone in-the-know in charge of your brand’s public image — choose IDEA KING.

100+ Satisfied Clients

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Our Team Member

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Kaylee Fritz

Operations Manager

Jayla Campbell


Fisher Garrison

Marketing Manager